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The Summit Premier Tent

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The Summit Premier Tent


High Quality Materials - When we seek out our hardware, we always look for the best in class frames that are available. We’re willing to spend a little bit more in order to bring you better, more long lasting tent frames. Our most popular tent, The Summit, features an aluminum frame with 40mm sidewalls that can handle a lot. A tent with this gauge of metal is usually called a “top-tier” or “rugged” tent by our competitors, but for us, it’s just standard.

Durable Framework - The Summit tent is our most popular tent frame for a good reason. It hits the perfect middle ground between cost and durability. The aluminum frame construction means that The Summit is lighter and easier to transport without giving up any of the strength. The Summit can take a beating without beating up your wallet.

Easy to Use Hardware - Ever struggled to get your tent set up? We have too. It can be really frustrating sometimes. That’s why we made sure our hardware was easy to use and painless. The raise and lower piece on the legs is a lever instead of a push button to allow you to grip it easier and avoid pinched fingers. The corner pieces use a similar lever system to stay in place. And the middle of the tent raises and lowers with a simple hand crank.

Comes with a 3 Year Frame Warranty.   

The Canopy Tops


Strong Materials - Our canopies are made of a durable 400D, waterproof, UV coated Polyester, a fabric built to withstand the rigors of sun, heat, and rain. It’s flexible and great for printing on, but stays strong through multiple seasons of use. We print your customized designs on these fabrics with direct-to-fabric printing and then sow them up with our expert team of seamstresses in our warehouse. No detail gets left behind in making a beautiful, durable canopy top.

Beautiful Digital Prints - Many other suppliers you could go to will print your designs with screen printing or heat presses. These print types are usually less durable, plus sometimes they want to charge you more for multiple colors or limit you on design placement. With our digital printers, we’re able to print direct to fabric almost like your paper printer at home. We use only the highest quality machines and geek out over the innovations in printing technology. This means your print will look great, last long, and only be limited by your imagination.

Easy Custom Designs - Since we use digital printing to customize your tent canopy, it is easy to design your top to look exactly how you would like. If you want to design your own tent canopy from home, we have downloadable artwork templates with directions and guidelines to help you on your way. But if design isn’t your specialty we have a great team in house that can help you create the perfect design for your specific needs. Either way, we make it easy to design beautiful tents.

The Extras


Customer Support - We know just how nice it is to get treated right by a company, to have them really truly look out for you. So that is what we like to do for our customers. Whether it is our team of highly skilled designers helping you develop a great looking tent or display to support your brand or our team of knowledgeable sales staff, we want to make sure that you get the greatest value and return on your investment. Our team works in the same building as our production facilities so they have a deep understanding of the process and materials we use to bring you high quality tents. If anything goes wrong, we do whatever we can to help make it right for you. Because at the end of the day, we’re happiest when you are satisfied.


Click Here to Request A Quote or Call: 855.346.2690