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The Dome

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The Dome Tent


Ultimate Portability - When this tent is set up, most of its construction is simply air. The good news is, you can get air anywhere, which means this tent is incredibly portable. Instead of dragging around a big bag with steel or aluminum frames, The Dome can be carried inside the simple transport back-pack that is included.

Completely Customizable - The Dome Inflatable Tent offers different sizes and add ons that make this a truly customizable tent. From accessories like full walls and half walls to zip up walls and awnings, you can deck your tent out to suit your needs. There’s even the option to connect multiple tents together and build a big tent city!

Rapid Set Up - This tent is not only easy to bring in, it is easy and quick to set up. All you need to get it going is an electric blower pump or hand pump (we’d recommend the electric one though). Within five minutes you can have this tent set up and ready to go.




Eye Catching Tent Design - When people see this tent they’ll be intrigued and interested. Quite simply, it stands out. The beautiful design options and unique frame mean it will be hard to overlook your display.

Quality Digital Printing - With our digital printers, we’re able to print direct to fabric almost like your paper printer at home. This means you can print almost any design, edge to edge with full color. We use only the highest quality machines and geek out over the innovations in printing technology. This means your print will look great, last long, and only be limited by your imagination.

Easy Custom Designs - Since we use digital printing to customize your tent canopy, it is easy to design your top to look exactly how you would like. If you want to design your own tent canopy from home, we have downloadable artwork templates with directions and guidelines to help you on your way. But if design isn’t your specialty we have a great team in house that can help you create the perfect design for your specific needs. Either way, we make it easy to design beautiful tents.




Customer Support - We know just how nice it is to get treated right by a company, to have them really truly look out for you. So that is what we like to do for our customers. Whether it is our team of highly skilled designers helping you develop a great looking tent or display to support your brand or our team of knowledgeable sales staff, we want to make sure that you get the greatest value and return on your investment. Our team works in the same building as our production facilities so they have a deep understanding of the process and materials we use to bring you high quality tents. If anything goes wrong, we do whatever we can to help make it right for you. Because at the end of the day, we’re happiest when you are satisfied


Click Here to Request A Quote or Call: 855.346.2690