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Tent Kits

Zenith Tent Kit       Alley Fair Tent Kit     Capstone Tent Kit


EventShades is always looking to make sure that we keep things easy for you...and that's why we've put together several different tent kits. 

Tent kits are an easy way to purchase one product, and subsequently, have everything you need to promote and put your brand in front of your customers. Our tent kits showcase the entirety of our product lineup, giving you a significant leg up on your competition. 

Our tent kits come in several different combinations between models, frames, and additional products.
Additional products may include: 

Table Covers | Tent Full & Half Walls  | Blade flags | Vinyl Banners


When you give us a call, let us know that you're interested in purchasing a tent kit. Our tent kits are based on our different tent frames, The Alpine, the Summit, and the Everest

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