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FAQs -

Single Reverse vs. Single Sided vs. Double Sided?

A lot of people ask us this. Here's the quick answer: Because textiles are porous, the ink sometimes bleeds through the other side. However, the image is reversed on the back side. This is what we call SINGLE REVERSE. This is the standard for any type of flag print. With our SINGLE SIDED products, we use materials that don't show the print clearly on the opposite side, but instead have either a plain textile or slightly visible print. These are great for banners and products that will hang on a wall. With our DOUBLE SIDED products, no matter what the substrate, you will see your print clearly on both the front and the back.

If I get more than one color printed, will it incur extra cost?

We do all digital printing, so regardless of the amount of colors or characters, our prices stay the same. All prices reflect full color, custom printing.


Can you match a particular color?

We can match Pantone Solid Coated colors. Using the Pantone system is the easiest and most reliable way for us to ensure color quality. If you want us to print a photograph, or other raster image, we cannot guarantee color accuracy.

How long will it take to produce my order?

Our production time depends on our current volume and the quantity of items that you have ordered, but it usually takes 3-5 business days for small orders and 5-7 business days for larger orders. For extra-large orders, production times may vary so please call and ask.


What are my options for shipping?

All orders over $100 are eligible for free UPS Ground shipping in the continental US and Canada. We do offer options for 2 Day and Next Day shipping at an additional cost. If you wish to upgrade to 2 Day or Next Day shipping, and you have a UPS or FedEx number, note it on your order and we can use it to ship to you.

How can I draw attention to my booth?

Adding a banner on trade show booths is a nice way to complement your canopy. They are versatile and can also be color coordinated with a drape you may have chosen for your table. They are available in many fabric types including vinyl, mesh, satin and more. The banners are adjustable in height and some have a quick snap that allows you to set them up in minutes.


How do you clean a tent/canopy after a show?

It is inevitable your canopy will get dirty. Normally plain ol' soap and water with some elbow grease added will do the trick. Once the canopy has been cleaned it is very important to completely air dry the canopy top before storage. Any wet spots will cause mold too grow and the cleaning process will be exponentially more difficult.

Do I need to get weights for my tent/canopy?

If you do not have experience using a canopy at an outdoor event, you need to be aware that they can be dangerous. A gust of wind or even a wayward child can knock your canopy for a loop and cause injuries. Always secure your canopy as soon as you get it set up.

Are there tents/canopies that can be used for a child's party?

Any party, especially a child's party, can be made more festive with a colorful canopy or outdoor party tent. The variety of styles and colors will let you choose exactly the right one to make the party more memorable for your child.

Can we barbecue under a tent/canopy?

Yes you can barbecue under these party tents to your heart's content but know that the smokey grease will be trapped in the fabric and the smell stays for about a year, so you might want to rethink putting your grills inside. All you have to do is put the grill at least two feet outside the tent so that the roof doesn't trap the smoke, grease or heat from the barbecue.

Can you heat a tent/canopy in the winter?

You can heat your party tent in the winter but you need to have some details about expected snow load, how the tent is anchored and other considerations. The best thing to do if you need to heat your tent is to contact your manufacturer and get their recommendations.

Can I get my company logo or other custom graphic on my tent/canopy?

We can create a custom-designed canopy to make your canopy attractive and stand out in a crowd. Your imagination is the only limit.

What tent/canopy would you suggest for beach events?

Your beach party can be made even better if you take along a pop up canopy. The time it takes to put up one of these canopies is just minutes giving you more time to enjoy the party. If your new canopy has aluminum construction like our APPALACHIAN TENT, transportation to the beach or the park is a breeze. A canopy on the beach? You bet! It is the perfect sun block!

Can I use a tent/canopy for tailgating events?

Sure, tents and canopies are perfect for tailgating events. Just let us know what you want and we will deliver. Tailgating is a popular way to party, especially in the sporting world with college students. One of the problems encountered with tailgate parties is inclement weather.

Are City/County permits required for small portable canopies to be put up on your property?

It is always a good idea to check with city hall in the town where you are planning to put up your structure. Cities and towns that would require permits will have the regulations and size limits available for you. However, it is highly unlikely a permit would be required anyplace for this type of canopy. It is not a permanent structure and normally small, temporary structures (tents, canopies, etc) will not need a permit.

Is it okay to use my tent/canopy during a storm?

When in doubt, don't put up your canopy during a windstorm or when a storm is approaching. Even if you have the best weights available for your canopy, the canopy will still be vulnerable to gusts of wind during set up and take down. If picked up by the wind, your canopy will become a serious hazard that can cause injury to people and property. It's always best to plan ahead and check your local weather station before an outside event.

How can a tent/canopy benefit me at my yard sale?

Anything you can do when hosting a yard sale to make customers more comfortable while browsing will bring you more success. A great idea is to place a group of similar items under a canopy. Set up tables so that your customers won't have to bend over to inspect your items, and arrange the items attractively. The canopy will make people more likely to spend a few extra minutes outside of the scorching heat or the rain, looking through your well-organized items. Those few extra minutes may be all it takes for them to find something they can't live without.